You Can Help, Get Involved
Everyday there is someone who goes to bed hungry, hurting, or sick.  Some might not even have a bed! However, no effort goes unnoticed when we persist to help provide for those who are in need.  We  may all wonder how we can help be of assistance, and do our part in helping the world in some way or another. There are a few ways to help assist Carrying Bread to the Multitudes, Inc. (CBM, INC.) to reach those who are in need:

You can actually travel with CBM, INC. on a humanitarian trip. There are some minor  regulations and paperwork to be filled out , but your hands and willingness to help support CBM, INC. will be greatly worth the efforts.  There is nothing like a hands-on experience in the field, with those who are in need.

If you are  unable to attend an actual humanitarian trip, you can always send in donations (*which are all tax deductible*) that will ultimately help us provide more supplies and materials to the area and people of that country.

You can send your donations to:

Hollywood, FL ​33084

Learn more about our programs that you can get involved in: